Roberto Rodríguez Morales
Roberto Rodríguez Morales
Roberto Rodríguez Morales

Instituto de Cibernética, Matemática y Física (ICIMAF)
Director of Institute of Cybernetics,
Mathematics and Physics (ICIMAF). Head of Digital Signal Processing Group.
Address: Calle 15 No.551, e/ C y D, CP. 10 400, Vedado, Habana, CUBA.
Telf: (537) 832 4085
E-mail : r r m @

EDUCACION (Higher degrees), University: Physics Faculty, Havana University from 1973 to 1978.
PhD Thesis: "José Antonio Echeverría" Technical University of Havana (ISPJAE), 1995.
Titular Adjunct Professor: Technical University of Havana from 1995.
Titular Researcher: "Dr. Carlos J. Finlay" Hospital, Havana, from 1996.
Dr. Sc Thesis, Havana, February 2017

Main duties: Formulate and direct research problems. Tutor of PhD and MSc thesis.
Develop postgraduate and training courses.


Fields of interest: Development of new algorithms for the image segmentation, Morphometrical analysis, Segmentation, Restoration, Mathematical Morphology, Visual pattern recognition, Analysis and Interpretation of images, Scale-space representation and Mean shift.

Main field of present activity: Applications of Digital Image Processing, segmentation and image analysis in biomedical problems, particularity, in malign tumours, atherosclerotic lesion, glaucoma disease and other pathologies.

* Editor in Chief of: Advances in Information Mining; Bioinfo Publications.
* Refereed papers for Journal of Intelligent & Robotic System, Kluwer Academic Publisher
* Refereed papers for several Proceeding Volumes for Springer-Verlag (Lecture note
on Computer Science) and World Scientific Press.
* Refereed papers for Journal of IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering, USA
* Refereed papers for Journal of Pattern Recognition Letters and Pattern Recognition Research
* Refereed papers for Revista Iberoamericana de Computación y Sistema, México.

Another Activities: From 1992, Tutor over 35 thesis among Diploma thesis, Master and PhD thesis.
Tribunal over 40 works among specialist exams and other.
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"Dr. Carlos J. Finlay", Republic of Cuba, 2013
National and International
Editor in Chief
Advances in Information Mining; Bioinfo Publications
Morphometrical Analysis by Digital Image Processing
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